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Welcome to Mina Photo! I provide a wide range of photography services at affordable pricing. Each photo service includes the provision of data with 30+ high resolution images. For reservation please contact me by email (mnk.abe@gmail.com) or by clicking ``Contact Us'' button above. Try our limited-time campaign pricing today! On-location photography sessions may be rescheduled or canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Please also check my instagram for recent photos! 

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Newborn Photo (1.5-2 hours)

Campaign price: $120

Recommended for up to 3 weeks after birth (1 month at the latest). Using a variety of cute wraps, costumes and accessories, I will take newborn photos with a natural taste using natural light. I also shoot using LEDs. I am a mother of three children and have been a nurse for 13 years before becoming a photographer---newborn safety is my top priority.


Family photo (1 hour) 

Campaign price: $90

I will provide on-location shooting service by coming to a location of your choice (parks, beaches, or your home).  Half birthday, one year old, birthday photo of each age (only small number of family members) are also available.  


Maternity Photo (1 hour)

Campaign price: $90

Costume rental is available, but sizes are limited. Please consult with us before taking the photo or prepare your costume yourself. Flower blossom free rental is also available.

Shichigosan​ 七五三

3歳女の子お被布、5歳男の子袴、羽織り、7歳女の子着物、可愛らしいお衣装多数用意してございます。レンタル、着付け、小物全て込みの料金になっておりますので、ご安心ください。着付け後の一時間セッションで、できるだけ多くのパターンをおとり致します。ヘアは簡単なアップスタイルに、付け毛アレンジと髪飾りを行なっております。 女の子のドレスもあるので、和装、洋装組み合わせた撮影も可能です。


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